Physics (by topic, title only)

  1. Fluids (high Re Turbulence, convection, scalar mixing, patterns)

  2. Dynamical systems(Chaos, KAM, Integrability)

  3. Phase Transitions (RG, Superfluids)

  4. Other Classical Condensed Matter (kinetics, Qxtals )

  5. Quantum Condensed Matter ( BEC in H, High Tc, Quantum Spins)

    A few papers are listed on multiple pages if I judged their topic ambiguous.

    An up to date listing of all papers in Biology and some condensed matter journals can be found in Pubmed searching under ‘siggia e’.

Biology (by topic, title only semi-complete)

  1. Biophysics (DNA mechanics, bilayers)

  2. Bioinformatics (mostly regulation yeast, fly; molecular evolution, EvoDevo)

  3. Cell Biology (protein trafficking, yeast cell cycle)

  4. Everything else (stochastics, signal transduction, antibiotic resistance.)

All papers by year (abstract + pdf)

2000-9   1990-9   1980-9  1970-9

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