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Current Lab Members from RU web


Prior Collaborators:

  1. Alexandre Morozov, postdoc, Rutgers Physics Faculty, BioMaps

  2. Gilles Charvin, postdoc (with Fred Cross also), CNRS, Faculty Ecole Normale Sup. Lyon

  3. Jan Skotheim, postdoc (with Fred Cross also), Stanford Bio Faculty

  4. Stefano Di Talia, student (with Fred Cross also), Princeton Bio, Postdoc

  5. Michael Mwangi, student, Rockefeller, Postdoc with Prof. A. Tomasz

  6. Jamie Bean, student (with Fred Cross), research job with Pharma

  7. Rahul Siddharthan, postdoc, Faculty, Inst. Math. Sci., Chennai

  8. Erik van Nimwegen, RU fellow, Faculty, Biozentrum, Basel

  9. Martin Ligr, postdoc (with Fred Cross also)

  10. Saurabh Sinha, postdoc, Faculty Computer Science, U Ill

  11. Eldon Emberly, postdoc, Faculty, Physics SFU

  12. Nikolas Rajewsky, postdoc, Faculty, Max Delbruck Center, Berlin

  13. Peter Swain, postdoc, Faculty, Systems Biology, Edinburgh

  14. Hao Li, RU fellow, Faculty, Biochemistry, UCSF

  15. Harmen Bussemaker, postdoc, Faculty, Biology Columbia

  16. Nicholas Socci, postdoc, Sloan Kettering in Comp Bio

  17. Herve Isambert, postdoc, Faculty, Institute Curie, Paris

  18. John Marko, postdoc RU fellow, Faculty Biology&Physics Northwestern

  19. Tom Chou, postdoc, Faculty BioMathematics, UCLA

Younger people with whom I feel I have had a meaningful interaction are listed in reverse chronological order, with their positions at the time we worked together and their current location.  Only biology is represented which includes everyone post 1995


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