Site preparation


    This site was prepared quickly using a very restrictive editing tool iWEB from Apple.  Anchor points are not implemented.  You can not link and fold into the web site, a folder to display a collection of related files (I just tar them.. sorry).  You can not nest pages (other than blog pages that come with a lot of superfluous paraphernalia, or photo albums which are worse), the work around is multiple ‘sites’ with explicit links from the first (super-site) to the welcome pages of all the secondary sites.  To navigate between the secondary sites you have to return to the welcome page (generally called ‘Contents’ or ‘Intro’ where I put a hideous green inter-site navigation box with links.  Once in a ‘site’, the navigation bar shows only pages within that site (no pulldowns allowed).  Files that are referenced from a given page are included within a separate html subfolder for that page and can not all be collected in one place as one might want for publications.  Unclear if one can use relative links.  iWEB can not read, open, and edit .html files (except as widgets).  Hopefully this tool will be upgraded soon.